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It’s So Complicated. It Doesn’t Have To Be

It’s so complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

It’s made complicated. 

By you. 

The goals you want to achieve 

but you’re so far away.

Whether that’s changing your body

Changing your energy

Changing the way you think and feel

I get it

I’ve been there

And I’ve taken control.

You can too.

More recently.

I’ve noticed what will go through your mind

When I hit a plateau in something I’ve been working

Which is playing the guitar

I’m so happy with my progress and it’s become a daily activity that i really enjoy, as well as something I get a lot out of in other ways.

Recently the steps have gone up a notch (A Really BIG one)

I have to move so fast it’s gone crazy

And it almost felt like... I couldn’t do it.

Have you ever felt that with what you aim for?

Make progress, then it gets tough, and you feel you can’t go on.

It’s frustrating.

All I did

Was slow down

Take it a bit easier

And then gradually speed up

This worked

And for you

It could be about slowing down

Or stepping back

To strive forwards

If you keep moving no matter how slow

You’re still making progress

When you STOP


That never works does it?

So the lesson here.

Make the complicated


Get help and guidance to move you forwards in the area you’re trying to change

Have the belief you can get there

Take action

And you’ve just made life

Far more simple

Of course

There’s more to that

And as you progress

That extra step

Will also be made simple

That’s what we call progress

If you have any questions about where you’re at,  where you would like to be well as how to get there

Get in touch and ask away

All the best

Sam ‘strumming Stocks

PS. The other great thing with my guitar learning is seeing progress on a daily basis. 

This is what I incorporate in to The Super 12 System.

Sam Stocks