“I’ve probably never been in better shape :-) physically and mentally!” - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

“I’ve probably never been in better shape :-) physically and mentally!”

“I’ve probably never been in better shape 😊 physically and mentally!”

^^^ Roz after only 4 weeks of coaching.

She had this to say:

“Sam sets it straight and tells you how it is and after only 4 weeks I’ve probably never been in better shape  😁physically and mentally!”

Reading this put a huge smile on my face.

That’s why I do what I do.

It’s massively rewarding helping women like you transform!

And as Roz mentions…

It’s not just the physical side

Mentally changing your outlook and how you go about your day is huge.

Changing this allows you to forge a life that is maintainable.

Compared to the QUICK FIX mentality that’s so prevalent in the health and fitness industry.

This is the REALITY…


Those who DO.

They realise that they get so much from their HARD WORK.

That HARD work becomes desirable. (<<<Read that again)

Because the rest of life becomes EASIER.




There are many women out there who DO NOT want to hear how it is…

And unfortunately suffer the consequences.

That stubborn attitude leaves them stuck

Unable to thrive…

When thriving is a certainty…

When you are willing to get over yourself.

The best question I like to ask people before they start the transformation process is this…

Is what you are currently doing, working for you?

And the answer is always NO, even when it’s YES, it really is a NO…


They wouldn’t be there, if it was a YES.

So whether you are willing to accept that you need help, or you are waiting for that perfect time, when a unicorn passes your viewpoint whilst looking online for those “fat loss pills” that promise dramatic results in days…

I’ll be here with the correct guidance and plan to help you see RESULTS.

So if you are ready.

Let’s have a conversation.

We can see where you need help.

Ill paint a picture of how it all works. Specific to you.

And then you can do a happy dance… at your new possibility.

Because as I mentioned yesterday..

It’s highly likely in 4 weeks time.

You will have lost 3% body fat.

And feeling physically and mentally better.

Just like ROZ.

All the best.

PS. There are more ways to work with me…

Do you want to work with me to optimise your body, health and mind? There are a few options for you to consider, so here goes. You are here for a reason after all, right? You want to change.


Get that here:1. Group Transformation, to follow a tried and tested programme that delivers consistent results that last, time after, time, come along and join like-minded women who are developing daily habits that become your lifestyle, to a happy you. Find out more here.

2. One of the best, most enjoyable and fun types of training is Callisthenics, no matter what your experience, fitness level or age, you can experience exceptional changes in your health and fitness with this form of training. To find out more, click here: Callisthenics.


3. If you find life is throwing challenge after challenge at you, if you have suffered from anxiety or depression and have the desire to break free, if you know you can experience more, but are unsure of how to start. Our talking therapies can help massively. A completely different approach is taken looking at your own awareness and changing your reality to suit you. To find out more and book a complimentary experience, go here to find out more… “Reach my HAPPY”


4. If you have had any accidents, injuries, surgeries, suffer from pain or niggles limiting your ability to move, or you simply want to optimise your body to perform at the highest level, why not try a Neurokinetic Therapy session to get to the root cause, discover the missing link and unlock your best self. Find out more about how it all works, here. NKT “How it works”….

Sam Stocks