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Jingle Bloody Bells


You know somethings going on when

You think

Is that bloody jingle bells playing downstairs

It’s 5am

And honestly

It sounded like that was playing

It wasn’t



Last nights sleep wasn’t the best

I know this for how I felt 

And the fact that I track it with a sleeping app

^^^ pretty damn useful

Tracking all areas you want to improve on is very useful

You get to see patterns

Which allows you to make better decisions about your actions

My actions yesterday

They could have been better

I had a bit of a lazy day

I mean 

It’s a day off 

But I was a lazy bugger

Catching up on tv shows

Enjoying a few more coffees than normal

And the odd chocolate biscuit, or 12!

Maybe that’s a side effect of beasting myself the day before on a 17 mile weighted walk.


My sleep over the last few weeks has been in the 90% range...

Which is pretty freaking good.

Last night...


I know now that a day like that...

Probably not the best for me.

Most likely two much coffee and not enough time outside.

See outside 

The fresh air

That gives you natural energy.

It allows you to thrive

Clears your head

Boosts those mood enhancing hormones

And many other things YOU need


The moral of the story


Take action on what you measure

And if you are wanting to improve your performance in any area of life

GREAT things can happen.

Which I will be showing in tonight’s ONLINE TRAINING

It’s happening at 8pm

Where I reveal 3 secrets to dramatically improve across the board

In all areas of your life

Even if those areas are great anyway.

Go here:


All the best

Sam ‘hobnob’ Stocks

Ps. Want to see some amazing results in 2018? Great. I’ll see you at 8pm to tell you how.

Sam Stocks