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Khloé Kardashian Credits This Bouncy Exercise for Her Killer Arms

Khloé Kardashian Credits This Bouncy Exercise for Her Killer Arms

Bingo Wings can be the dreaded swinging flesh that has you feeling self-conscious about revealing your arms.

It’s the same for other areas of the body.

Exercise works to correct this, by toning and shaping these areas.

If you would like to TONE any area.

Its about learning how to EFFECTIVELY do this, and not waste time

(Many make the mistake of performing CARDIO and burning valuable muscle. BIG MISTAKE)

The back of your arms, that’s where your TRICEPS are.

They respond well, in terms of toning up, doing pushing movements.

So that’s good to know.

Do lots of pushing movements…

Notice more tone and definition in your arms.

Of course, nutrition is important, eating whole, non-processed foods, and being in a small calorie deficit will help further.

Khloé puts her toned arm condition down to a type of PRESS UP, one performed on a stability ball… the ones you may see people performing “crunches” on.

Well, instead Khloé puts her hands on the ball and performs PRESS UPS, with a difference.

Press Ups are HARD…you’re probably very familiar with that fact.

So her trick is to bounce off of the ball to get back up.

The instability the ball creates on the body, uses more muscles, and emphasises how much your muscles have to work.

Any exercise can be made more effective, more UNIQUE to you and your body,

With the right routine, the right exercises, the right rest, the right TEMPO…

You can see excellent RESULTS far faster than you could ALONE.

Having the right MINDSET around all of this helps too.

Attacking workouts with a GREATER level of FOCUS can be a real game changer…

Having you experience a higher level of adherence and MOTIVATION to do what you do.

In fact. In The Super 12 System, all the habits you need to follow to live a life of success and continue your success FOREVER is included, so it all becomes automatic.

The thing is. When you know what to do, how to do it and why it works. Keeping at it becomes effortless.

You still have to WORK hard.

That’s far EASIER than what you are most likely CURRENTLY going through.

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All the best

Sam ‘creating a STORM’ Stocks

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