One of our own, places 3rd at Kielder Marathon. - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

One of our own, places 3rd at Kielder Marathon.

A massive moment for one of our Super Charged Women,

Vicky Butler has been training with us for more than a year,

Continues to go from strength to strength,

Now last week when we were discussing her first competitive run this weekend gone, she mentioned she “would see how it goes, to get a feel for the distance,” with it being her first one.

**Well. Not bad coming Third Vicky! Well done. Your consistent effort has once again proved successful for you**

If you are interested in reading more about it and to see how our Vicky compared, click the link below:

Vicky’s result:

Third: Vicky Butler, Newcastle: 3 hours, 24 mins, 15 secs

So, if you would like to be part of a process that allows our clients to achieve something special.

Like Vicky has.

She’s not alone.

One of our clients did both the run-bike-run event and the half marathon. Their consistency has allowed them to do what they thought was impossible, possible.

The crazy part, they had a fall last week, and hurt their ankle. Thanks to their training routines, they recovered within 24 hours, and was able to perform at a high level at the weekend. Being able to complete one event would have been impressive.

Yes. Here you can achieve any goal. We have an experience here that is like nothing else.

The support and guidance you receive will keep you consistent and performing at your best.

Now for you, you may be interested in dropping weight, toning up and allowing yourself to feel good about how you look and feel.

Well. By building you from the ground up, instilling positive habits into your life, and encouraging you to achieve what you really want.

You too can achieve something amazing.

If that sounds good to you.

Apply here for our next start date:

Is there an event you want to work towards and do your best? Let me know, I’ll show you what is possible.

The keys to Vicks success. She didn’t over do her running training, in fact she stuck to strength based exercise, that allowed her body to perform at its best. She had adequate recovery between sessions. She built a strong foundation, then progressed from there.

She didn’t need to be perfect, just consistent.

The process we follow here at The Super Charged Woman Experience makes this simple.

All to help you.

All the best

Sam ‘super women creator’ Stocks

Ps. What do you want to achieve?




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