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Lies, Lies, Lies



It seems the leave campaign told a few lies or maybe

they left certain circumstances out.

Like the 350million a week we pay the EU will now go to the NHS.

Now it seems it's 100million or maybe nothing.

All sides were the same. Lies. No true information on the real impact.

That was the big problem. You did not know who to trust or believe.

All seemed convincing with their stories right?

The changes won't be noticed overall for quite a long time.

things take time to change. More red tape.

I can not really be bothered talking about it anymore.

It's all around us.

It reminds me of the choices people make.

They see average classes, average trainers, supplement companies

promising the world in an expensive supplement or simple class.

Deceiving people who want a quick fix and want changes now.

They get fed the lies of skipping meals, low calories and a meal in a pill.

Well remember Saturday's struggles email?

You can see how people are drawn to it.

Anything quick solves people's problems right?

The average trainer, mlm rep, juice plus expert

These people only got into the industry because a friend told them

it was a quick way to make money.

Some selling supplements like Herbal Life or Juice Plus have been

to the odd group talk and then seem justified to talk to you about nutrition.

Pisses me off.

Every year I grow, learn and increase my knowledge of exercise,

nutrition and mindset. Hundreds of hours of learning. Degrees and all.

Coaches and mentors - investing in myself to help others.

Then some person comes in after a day of "nutritional propaganda"

and thinks they can change the world.


Lies again.

Want to find out from someone who has been learning how, implementing

how and helping people change for 12 years.

Then get your coaching call here.

All the best

Sam "I feel better" Stocks

PS. What I learnt from the zoo.

training secrets from an interesting source. coming your way tomorrow


Sam Stocks