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​Let's face it. In this day and age, it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed. With so many tasks craving our attention, which way do you turn? Trying to focus on any task seems too much some days. Dealing with work, family life, health, exercise and so on, is demanding. This is where building your capacity is key. Your capacity to deal with what life throws at you. Most people use excessive drinking, drugs or food to numb the emotional toll modern life can bring.
The GOOD NEWS is I have seen many people over the years completely transform their lives with the help of myself, a life coach in Newcastle. When nothing felt possible, I was able to help them see their own light. That solution inside themselves to set them free. In life you go through many stages, each stage can have a positive or negative effect on your subconscious mind, which ultimately impacts the decisions you make on a daily basis.
If you would like to unlock your true potential, break down your own barriers, and have true FOCUS to go after anything you want, I would encourage you to book in a complimentary life coaching Newcastle session to see what’s possible for you, if we were to work together.
It simply starts by having a conversation.
Then, you can decide whether you would like to move forward with further sessions or not, the choice is always yours.
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Self Life Coaching & Transformation in North Shields, Newcastle

Whether you eat healthily or not, don't you find yourself thinking about fitness at times? Well, fitness is something which is always at the back of our minds, and it takes a lot of effort, determination and the right guidance to make it an essential part of your general thinking pattern and way of life.

If self-doubt is a massive hindrance in your path to a healthy body and soul, then book our life changing services and work with our dedicated life coach in Newcastle at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching. We are here to uncover your true potential and lead you toward a life of wellness.

​Why Choose Sam Stocks Coaching?

You likely agree that junk food is difficult to resist at times? Especially when busy, stressed and tired. Well, starting a healthy routine isn't a piece of cake as well. However, working on both in sync, can soon turn you into a happier, healthier you, and your willingness to achieve your #fitness_goals will provide help to the many people around you. Because you’re at your best.

With that thought said out loud, it's time to access your inner strength and undeterred will to give your health a 360-degree turn with our life coach in Newcastle by your side at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching. Starting with our talk therapy, we take one step at a time to help you analyse the relevance of transformation for you, followed by a specific plan to get you in the desired shape mentally and physically.


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