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Living FREE

Living FREE

Who knew that so much fun could be had in the garden...

So on Saturday the family and I were playing in garden

My little boy having fun in a paddling pool...splashing away

And everyone else enjoying the sun

The paddling pool wasn’t for me.

Until Sunday.

How fun to lay back and chillout...

The chilling out part was down to your perspective

Dinosaurs, little trucks and my little boy were in there too.

Now here comes the benefit of all this...

My flexibility

My mindset

My way of living allowed me to enjoy the experience on a whole other level.

It was like I was on holiday relaxing in the pool

I was crawled on

I was splashed

At one point some arm pit hair was pulled...(ouch)

But all was an experience...

And one where I was enjoying all of it...

The water was cold...would you tolerate that? (Or was it refreshing)

Being splashed in the face...annoying/or just part of playing in a pool? (Do you react or do you stay calm)

A small space to put yourself it comfortable? (Or is your body struggling)

All this is down to perspective and how you choose to think, react and act in the situation

All of this is relevant to everyday life and the choices and actions you make.

Is what you do on a daily basis helping you

Or hindering you?

It’s powerful to take an honest look at these things and not be clouded by what other people think?

What do you think about your situation right now?

Would you like to improve in any areas?

What if the person you love the most was living your life and following your actions?

Would you be happy for them

Or would you maybe suggest some changes?

Why aren’t you doing that yourself?

Whilst many were nursing hangovers yesterday and possibly will be today...

I was clear headed and able to enjoy the whole was like 3 days rolled into one.

Lots was done, enjoyed and experienced.

Many on a Sunday can be in a world of distraction, absorbing what they can to make it through another week of work, to live for the weekend...

Are you making the most of your time?


If you would like to.

The Super 12 System will open you up into a world of possibilities...

To not only make the best use of your time, but also bringing the best out in you to enjoy that time.

All the best

Sam ‘poolside’ Stocks

Ps. I’m not saying don’t drink or enjoy great food. You can. Maybe look at to what extent.

Sam Stocks