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The Magical Mysterious Wonders Of Motivation

The Magical Mysterious Wonders Of Motivation

Yes that old chestnut


Maybe they got it wrong on GMTV back in the day

With good ole Mr Motivator

Actually, no maybe about it

They needed Mr Discipline

You see

Look out your window this morning

Most likely

Pissing down with rain

Let’s say

You’ve decided to go for a walk

wanting the benefits of

Fresh air

Those all important steps

And the feel good factor you get

But it’s raining

You can’t be bothered

You tell yourself despite the benefits

You’re just not motivated

You don’t go


Big mistake

If you rely on motivation

You need to appreciate it comes and goes

And it goes more (<<< it really does, DOING the thing is the POWER)

Am I right?

This is why you need to foster



It will keep you consistently achieving day in day out

And that’s exactly what our popular super 12 programme is all about

Fostering daily actions that lead to your RESULTS...

And smashing outcomes you would like to achieve.

So if that sounds like fun

Achieving some amazing things in the first few month of the year and beyond

Get in touch

Drop me a comment or message

Let me know simply...

What you would like to achieve

And I will be in touch

All the best

Sam ‘Mr Discipline’ Stocks

Ps. What do you need help with today?

Sam Stocks