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A master of circumstance. Put yourself in control.

A master of circumstance. Put yourself in control.

I never gamble on sport, it’s never really interested me

But I have two friends that seem to be at it every weekend

This weekend the rugby was on their radar

Both made pretty big bets that England were going to win

£200 each

We were sat watching the game in a local pub

We were having a great time

When Scotland won

One of my mates was happy as Larry (<<< Who is Larry?)

Enjoying the game and the drinks

The other hugely disappointed.

And it got me thinking

You can only control what you put in.

You can’t control what comes out.

I’m talking about health and fitness here.

Sometimes when you’re training and eating right

You’ll see the scales move in the right direction 

Other times, you won’t

But ask yourself

Did you train as intended?

Did you eat healthy whole foods?

Did you get enough sleep?

Did you drink enough water?

If you put in the required effort

You did your job

Whether the weight came off or not

That’s just circumstance

And as your habits build

So will your result

You WILL get there.

Often the cause of anyone’s derailment of their success is

Being deflated by the little things

That don’t actually matter

Making a poor decision to seek comfort

And then giving up.

If you want to follow a system that has you in FULL control

Then The Super 12 System would be worth considering

If you would like to find out more

Get in touch

All the best 

Sam ‘smiling’ Stocks

Ps. With gambling sometimes you win, often you lose. Don’t do the same with your health and fitness. Pick a winner. The Super 12 System.

Sam Stocks