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Yo, Where’s My Extra McRib? First World Problems.

This lovely respectable woman of society had something to say about her recent McDonalds Visit.


She was a little bit pissed off to say the least.


The lack of customer service was an outrage.


Im sure you’ll agree she was well within her rights to what she did…


You have to know the facts…


McDonalds Dorset Street (She has serious issues with this place for sure)


She felt Disrespected


She almost got in to a fight!


Now, on arrival…


First issue – She had to walk in to the place (<<<Shocking I would be livid too)


^^^ I mean, you should always be able to go through the DRIVE thru


She was seriously mad.


But, in the place, she remained calm upon ordering her Large McRib with a Dr Pepper


The lady said it’ll be $6.58


Haha – she then says “ain’t you forgetting sumin…ma’am


… “you’re supposed to offer me an extra McRib for a dollar”


You won’t believe it – she looked me up and down, and she said – it don’t look like you need an extra McRib” (IF you watch the video – her face is amazing at this point)




Then let’s say things get violent…


Check the video out here for your morning entertainment…



^^^Serious 1st world problems right there.


Imagine that, some serious issues going on right there.


Maybe I need to tell her about UNLEASHED…


My 12-week complete transformation COACHING program…


Where we unlock everything to help you:



Create calm

Create space

Increase confidence

Massively improve relationships and connection to those closest to you

^^^These are just some of the benefits…


You’ll be hearing from people tomorrow who have been on the inside and experienced it all.


Even though we start officially in January.


Those who want to be in on this experience…We need to get you started in the next 2 weeks…This will get you ready…for January…when we kick off.


Time to level up…


See in nature, most people, are like most birds, except an eagle…you see the eagle is the only bird that can tackle the worst of conditions, it has the skills and the tools to power through the EYE of THE STORM… all other birds cower and hide amongst the mayhem. The eagle however flies above the storm. What’s above the storm…PURE CALM.


Imagine if you could have that pure CALM in your life…


What would that do for you?


No more sabotage


No more mayhem


No more getting lost in destructive patterns (<<<you may not even realise you have them, until your eyes are opened)


No more feeling like crap and going into what we call ‘The Drift’


When you apply, by getting in touch. I find out more about you, and show you exactly how this will benefit you directly…


I’ll let those who have been through the experience explain more tomorrow…


It’s an investment in yourself, and at £1000 a pop.


You get 10x that worth in value from the experience.


It would be the best present to yourself ever.


All the best


Sam ‘next level’ Stocks


PS. Remember the last time you snapped at someone you cared about? Most likely you were tired, stressed and things were just not right for you. Imagine if you had the power to remove all that every morning, every day, consistently.


Sam Stocks