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Natural Selection

Natural selection. Why you struggle…

Did you know it is beneficial to put on Fat?

Food wasn’t always abundant

Food wasn’t always processed and high in fat and sugar.

But now.

It’s everywhere.

If you try to avoid these whilst out and about...

It’s REALLY hard.

If you want to eat.

It’s likely processed food is your only option.

And this is the reality most people face.

And the thought of preparing food in advance and the extra time it takes can be too much for some.

Even though that could be a helpful option for you.

So what do you need to be aware of…


If you focus on natural, unprocessed foods, that are mainly made up of vegetables, some fruits, fresh meat and fish… you will do very well. With the right combination of foods, herbs and spices you are truly on to a way of eating that’s sustainable for life.

And yes you need to be ORGANISED to make this happen.

Being organised comes from planning ahead,

Planning ahead comes from being clear on your goals and what you want

Being clear about what you want comes from being asked the right questions and being 100% honest with yourself about the WHY behind them.

When you know your TRUE why.

All of the above becomes EASY.

Would you like to make that happen?

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All the best

Sam ‘CLEAR’ Stocks

PS. So, m’lady, do you know what you want?

Sam Stocks