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A Nudge or a Big Push

A Nudge or a Big Push.

Ready to DIVE in?

Want to find out how GOOD it can be?

Do you need a gentle nudge or a BIG PUSH to get started with The SUPER 12 System?

Why is this different to anything else?


No program is successful if you can’t follow it up with more success.

This is where most programs fail.

They instil habits that you may FEEL FORCED to take. RESISTANCE is felt. And that is never GOOD. So you look for the END date to get back to NORMAL… and success is short term.

The Super 12 System, has habits instilled Sub-Consciously and they become your NORMAL

Without you having to think about them. Therefore, no RESISTANCE.

It all becomes NATURAL…through Autonomous Behavioural Action (ABA)

The exercise you will be involved with, has you moving better, more efficiently, and safely. So that you progress, in your own way, changing your body and life as you progress.

There’s basics that you MUST master. These do not get the attention required in most programs, because its all about QUICK FIXES, results in 7 days or 6 weeks, and have you doing exercises beyond your SKILL level.

In The Super 12 System, that is not the case. In fact, in our Online Coaching Site, we give you access to all the help you could ever need to get any exercise DIALLED in so you perform like a PRO. Guidance videos and troubleshooting tutorials are there to get you CLEAR.

That’s the exercise covered, now NUTRITION. You will never be forced to EAT foods you don’t like. You are adjusted slowly to HEALTHIER options of the FOODS you already love.

I love my food, love the variety of flavours and tastes I create, and I EAT a lot. I rarely feel FULL to bursting, by getting my portion sizes right, and never go hungry. This takes time, and when you get it right. Your shape, the way you feel and your general energy will be way better.

As your exercise and nutrition are progressing. You’ll notice a mental change in how you feel. You will find your confidence has increased. And this is something to PROTECT at all costs.

Because when that’s broken, without the right tools, you can quickly find yourself back at SQUARE one.

Our system includes tools to help you DEAL with many situations, whether STRESSFUL or Overwhelming, Scary or Painful, you will have the tools to come out on the other side, in a better place.

What effects your future progress more than anything? Life getting in the way.

If you have the tools to DEAL with what life throws at you. You can make continuous progress.

You will implement routines and systems into your day. Where every day. You feel good for doing something for you.

You are a master at life. You reach your expectations, and as they grow, so do you.

Its amazing how in a matter of weeks and months how much you can change your life.

It all starts with making a decision, to CHANGE now. To start the process.

To follow something different. To NOT follow the crowd.

The crowd, is unhealthy, messed up mentally and in need of help.

Whilst they’re Zigging… You can be ZAGGING.


You have the opportunity to TRIAL all of what’s on offer for 1 week before you decide to COMMIT. Simply get in touch. Let me know you would like to TRIAL us for 7 Days. And I’ll get you sorted.

All the best

Sam ‘^^^Says it all’ Stocks

PS. I could seriously write a NOVEL on all the benefits of The Super 12 System. Its best to experience them first hand. SPEAK SOON.

Sam Stocks