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“Oi Fatty” Stereotypes

Apparently, there are certain rules FAT people have to follow.


With clothing, no horizontal lines. Nothing that shows your arms. Never anything fitted.


^^^ Well women are coming together and sticking their middle fingers up at that.


Your weight does not have to define you. There is more to life than how you look. It’s more about how you feel.


IF you’re fat. You may hear this:


“You’re not fat” – quite clearly lying. The person they are speaking to will admit “I am FAT, I am OBESE and I do have a high BMI” – Maybe they don’t care. They may be happier than you.


People are uncomfortable with the F word – FAT


If they feel happy and enjoy their life, their routine, then good for them.


In an interview with FAT people… Some said being called FAT is not insulting to them, it does not define them. They said no one needs to “swoosh in like a knight in shining armour and go. You’re not fat, you’re gorgeous! You’re fine!”


Parents and friends worry for YOU…


You’ll never get a partner – apparently if you do – they must have a FAT fetish “Does he jiggle you!?”


In the shops – people judging you – Are you sure you want to eat that?


Yes. I love food.


Ever been praised for eating a salad? “Well done you’re eating a salad” Piss off! I enjoy salad.


As a FAT person, you get judged for being unhealthy.


^^^ are you worried about your health?


Its assumed you eat crap. Some overweight people eat really well, eat healthy foods, never smoke, never drink… Should you be worried about your health?


Hey Fatty have you exercised? Some overweight (FAT) people, are fitter, stronger and more athletic than some people you may consider to be healthier and in good shape.


^^^These people get a feel-good factor from exercise. It gives them a buzz. If they’ve had a bad day, they exercise because it helps them clear their head. It gives them a distraction, a new focus.


If you're fit toned and look fantastic, it doesnt mean everything is all unicorns and rainbows...These people can have serious body image issues.


If you're FAT. And you are happy in your shape and size, good for you. When it comes to exercise...


They don’t do it to be a certain size. They enjoy it for what it is. They enjoy getting stronger, feeling fitter, and enjoying being clear headed.


Being FAT – people assume you don’t exercise. Have you tried exercise? Like it’s a remedy to Fatness.


It’s not.


But if your shape does make you feel bad, not at your best. There is lots you can do.


If you want to lose weight and tone up.


You must follow:


A structured, progressive exercise plan,


A planned, nutrition routine, with enjoyable meals that are designed to give you everything you need to achieve your results and improve performance.


Well. In the Super Charged Woman Experience, you get all that plus a whole lot more.


We assess your week and figure out what steps to take on a weekly basis to keep you moving forwards.


It’s all about the journey. It’s about feeling good. Fitter. And if you want to change shape…


We will make that happen.


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All the best

Sam ‘it’s all about the feeling’ Stocks

Ps. ^^^ If you need to lose weight. Did any of that above piss you off? Upset you? Get in touch and lets remedy that.















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