Overwhelm. Does it exist? - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Overwhelm. Does it exist?

I could say the last few days have been overwhelming...
Topped off by the place I have built my business for 9 years is closing down.
But hey. I'm not overwhelmed
I'm excited.
Tons of opportunity is in front of me.
I'll be opening my own gym...
It will be an exceptional training facility, like nothing else, it's a game changer...
Well. It will be.
It's all about finding the right place.
Enough about that.
Back to overwhelm...
It's one of the main reasons in health and fitness we can lose our shit...
Get pissed off and disheartened with our results.
But overwhelm and all that other crap...they are thoughts
And you have the power to overcome them.
And what's brilliant is.
All the craziness I'm dealing with right now...
I have some amazing tools to help me get my mind right and move forwards.
Never take steps back.
That's one aspect of my most powerful coaching experience yet.
90 days of transformation for 6 people that choose to be taken through an amazing, life changing experience.
It's called The Super Charged Experience UNLEASHED.
Because we unleash your true potential, get rid of the things trapped inside that hold you back...
And make you an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.
Again only 6 spaces are available...
2 spots have been taken...
As well as the 90 days of high level coaching...
You will get 2 full days of a live experience...
This will be a truly amazing experience for those that take part.
We start mid  January.
Are you in?
Get in touch, we can see if you're a good fit. I'll set you up with everything right away.
So the transformation can begin.
All the best
Sam 'I appreciate you' Stocks
PS. Are you ready...?


Sam Stocks