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Parkinson’s Law, Are you a Victim of it?

Parkinson’s Law, Are you a Victim of it?

Need to know:

"work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".

Are you someone that gets A LOT done and feels productive?


Are you BUSY being BUSY, getting little things done, using all available time and struggling to fit in what’s TRULY important?

The thing is, some people make time and schedule their important things in their diary, to GET SH%T DONE

New mums are a good example. Despite feeling tired, from lack of sleep, they get food cooked, the house tidy, and look after a new born baby, go to baby groups, meet friends, as well as many other activities. They simply have to make time.

Lets say you have some important work to do. It takes 1 hour to do. But you have 3 hours to get it done. So you wait, you grab a snack, a drink, check facebook, do a little work, check facebook again. Pretty much wasting time. Or simply not making the best use of it.

Hey. Everyone does it.

I am a victim of this too. But as soon as I bring awareness to it.

As soon as I DECIDE to schedule EVERYTHING in my diary

Way more is achieved


If you need to exercise a few more times through the week… Schedule it.

Do you need more time to prepare food… Schedule it in.

Do you need more YOU TIME… Schedule it in.

Would you benefit from a midday walk, to blow the cobwebs away and feel refreshed for the rest of the day… Schedule it in.

Schedule in the school run

Schedule in WORK

The more you schedule your time

The more you CREATE time.

Those white spaces in your diary

You can fill with USEFUL activities.

Rather than letting THINGS dictate your time.


IF you are worried about not being able to do STUFF.

You now have a USEFUL answer


And watch what happens.

Saying that. You can decide not to do something, despite it being scheduled in

Then you have to consider, was it important.

Was it in line with your goals, your values, YOU.

There is an ART to getting more done. There is an ART to scheduling effectively. There is an important aspect to how you break your week up to get certain tasks done.

This is WHY I teach this in THE SUPER 12 SYSTEM

To allow clients to GET more done, in LESS time.

We have SUCCESSES then build on those…

That momentum feels GREAT

If you want to FEEL great and Change your situation.

Lets look at what The Super 12 System can do for you.

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All the best

Sam ‘Time Master’ Stocks

PS. What would you do with an extra 24 hours in your week?

Sam Stocks