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Pinocchio tales and the reality…

Had an interesting email from my mentor the other day.


It puts the challenge facing you and your goals into perspective,


It turns out many tell the odd fib about why they don't turn up to the gym


Check this out:


  1. Too tired to work out (46%)
  2. Forgot my gym kit (42%)
  3. Too hot/too cold to go the gym (36%)
  4. Gym will be too busy (26%)
  5. Eaten too much to work out (25%)
  6. Not eaten enough today to workout (21%)
  7. Didn’t pack shower toiletries/towel to shower (19%)
  8. Other social commitments (15%)
  9. Not updated workout playlist (11%)
  10. No headphones to work out (9%)


Which one have you used before?


This is why I'm passionate about creating an experience for YOU when you join us.


It's not about turning up at the gym.


It's about a whole lot more.


We create an experience that helps you every 168 hours of the week


So you are never left alone.


You have the motivation and the strategies to move forwards.


So even if you forget your toiletries, have eaten too much before the gym, or have other social commitments,


We nip these in the bud before they flower.


We solve the problems before they start.


We have something special here.


So you might want to think about this,


Are you a Pinocchio,


Telling fibs to yourself to justify where you are at.


Or can you be honest with yourself and accept some exceptional help,


That gives you everything you need to solve your problems and achieve your goals...


Hit reply and let me know your story.


Someone who did.


You'll hear their story tomorrow.


Just shows what a difference even 45 minutes with me can make.


I'll let you see for yourself tomorrow





All the best


Sam 'I'm off to get my headphones' Stocks


Ps. Check it out tomorrow. Derek will be very happy.














Sam Stocks