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Pubic Hair On The Soap (Disgusting!)

^^^ well that ruined the whole experience

A luxury night away

A day of recovery



Lots of chilling out

A nice evening meal,

It was all going so well

Then a relaxing night in the hotel room.

Upon entering the bathroom

All the days amazing events became irrelevant,

There was a used piece of soap in the bathroom

***With a pubic hair on***


If the cleaners miss that

What else are they missing?

Time to leave.

Now. You may say that is a bit dramatic.

But there is a bigger picture.

It’s not about the soap, or the lack of attention the cleaners paid to the room.

It was the standards.

Even though many areas were covered.

The most important thing…

Should be the cleanliness of the room…

Come on. It is where you sleep.

For you, you possibly have settled for this standard

Where something is missing.

But we are now talking about YOUR life

WELL my friend.

Worry not.

When it comes to your health, wellbeing and fitness. I have you covered. Plus loads more.

Many other solutions to your problems seem to miss something. Like the pubic hair on the soap.

It becomes a problem,

Having a lasting effect overall experience.

At the end of the day, you want a result.

In addition, you will most likely have a couple of areas covered on your own.

However, others are definitely not covered. IF you bring your awareness to these, then apply certain behaviours to them…

Your results take off and you maintain them forever.

IF you are sick of Yo-Yoing with your results…

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Do it right?

Sam ‘Spa sabotage’ Stocks

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