SCARED OF GOING TO THE GYM ALONE - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle


Scared of going to the gym alone

^^^ anything new can be scary

Especially if you feel your goals are so far away from where you are right now.

The most important thought to bear in mind if this is how you feel.

Most women who come to our transformations have been in your EXACT position.

The best way to get over that FEAR.

Is show UP.

And take baby steps.

It’s 1-2-1 first (You and I, having a conversation, and me guiding, supporting and helping you)

We set the scene by seeing where you’re at.

By assessing you properly.

Why is this important?

We need to know your starting point

YOU need to know your starting point

You need to know that the exercises you will be asked to PERFORM are possible for your current ability, as well as being safe and effective.

Some exercises you should avoid.

Without proper assessment… you do not know what you should and shouldn’t do.

That’s why we take it step by step.

We take you by the hand and guide you, from where you’re at.

It doesn’t require shouting or belittling you.

It requires encouragement

It requires CARE

It requires an understanding of YOU.

I want to get to KNOW you… Your challenges, Your struggles.

That way I can actually help you.

Do you know what you WANT?

Most women. On the surface. Actually DO NOT KNOW

You need guidance

You need to know how to unlock your true desire.

When you unlock your TRUE desire for change

Being scared of the gym isn’t going to put you off starting

You will have a relentless desire to start.


Well my eager friend

It’s because you will know and appreciate HOW…

Exactly HOW, it will change your life.

A new you, in a matter of months.

And in a YEARs time… Yep in 12 months from now…

You will be totally unrecognisable.

Which is significant.


Despite knowing the above

You can still sit on the fence

And maybe there is ONE answer you need, to move forwards

That answer comes from you asking a relevant question.

So here goes

Take the floor

Grab the Mic

And let me know

Speak those words now

And get the answer you want

It really is simple.

Use those powerful words from Nike…

Just Do It.

All the best

Sam ‘I was scared too’ Stocks

PS. ^^^ turns out my gym visit was the best thing for me. I’m sure it will be for you. Speak soon.

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