Scared to look deep and your Awareness


Scared to look and AWARENESS

A great insight many come to see when EXERCISE and FOOD habits go a bit “Meh” and you feel like things are falling away from you. The PROBLEM many come up against is, they can often be SCARED to delve into the essentials. And navigating this properly is KEY.

Why do you MESS UP?

It can be a difficult question to answer. Why do you fail to make it to a training session, exercise class, or even out for a walk, when you are trying to change your health and fitness? Is it laziness, is it fatigue, stress, overwhelm, or some other kind of barrier?

For most, it’s a lack of CLARITY on the whole process, what’s needed before, during, and after a certain task you need to do. ONCE you bring AWARENESS to these things, life and DOING become far easier.

Here’s the thing. What’s been HOLDING you back recently? And with the lens of, what is in the way of your progress. What is MESSING you up> What is getting in your way?

Once you figure this out (and you can get help with that) you can then USE all the right tools for EXERCISE, eating well, modifying your behaviour, all of these things can be used from a PLACE of STRENGTH…

The reality for MOST is they start to CREATE change from a PLACE of WEAKNESS, fail to set a strong foundation, try things that are too HARD, and end up giving up.

Let’s not have that be the outcome for you.

Let’s have some solutions and PLANS in place for you, so you can’t lose this game anymore. All you will see over the long term is PROGRESS.


Then reach out and follow a PROCESS that’s different from the MASSES. Something UNIQUE. Something ideally set in motion for you to succeed. Sounds good right? Then get in touch and let’s get you moving forward.

To your best


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