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Shine Your Light

Shine your light

They TELL you, you can’t do it.

You’re not good enough.

You’re not Fit Enough

You don’t have the genetics

DO you believe them?

You don’t have to suppress your best SELF to conform to others beliefs.

What do you believe you can DO?

You can SHINE your own UNIQUE light on The World

It could be to inspire your friends, your family, your kids to be their best.

Don’t ever perform Sub-Par to make other people FEEL better.

Get them to STEP UP, Don’t let them Bring you DOWN.

It doesn’t help them, it doesn’t help you.

Show your confidence

Show that you CAN do it

Show that you WANT to do it

Show them your positive mindset. Backed up by POSITIVE action.


Good is already happening.

Sometimes you can have the thought

“I’ll Feel better when…)’

>>When I hit a certain weight

>>When I earn a certain amount of money

>>When I have more time

But that’s ALL in the FUTURE.

How can you see, do and feel good right NOW?

Its all possible.

If people don’t like your BRIGHTNESS…

Pass them some Sun Glasses,

You don’t have to DIM your genuine brightness…

That energy that comes from living a life that puts your values and priorities first…

Where you live a healthy, active life.

Eating well.

Being Active.

Having the energy to do whatever is needed.

For some it could be walking from A-B

Or for others it could be playing with your kids. And having the energy to keep going.

The DAILY choices you make reflect the situation you find yourself in RIGHT NOW.

If your situation, is not where you want to be.

The answer is in your DAILY CHOICES.

If you are will to make some small changes.

Your situation can change.

You may think. It all sounds great. But it won’t work for me. It can, you NEED the help and support of someone who has taken someone, in the EXACT same position as you, and taken them to the RESULT you want.

The Super 12 System does that for you.

And you get more support than ONE person, having your back, you get MANY to help, guide and support you.

Do you want in? That 7 Day TRIAL is available for you, over the next week. Let me know when you would like to START.

All the best

Sam ‘unlocking your brightness’ Stocks

PS. Your thoughts on the above are a reflection of where you are at. What does that look like?

Sam Stocks