Shocking! Have 95% of people really being doing this wrong… - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

"Shocking! Have 95% of people really being doing this wrong…"

It’s something most people do daily.


Moving from A to B


And that is walking.


You wouldn’t believe that 95% of people have been doing it wrong.


Maybe that’s unfair, people maybe not walking efficiently, but walking is walking right?


What if the cause of your pain and stress was walking poorly.


That creek in the neck, the niggle in the knee or the pain in the a$$


Its easy to take simple things for granted.


What is great to see is when someone who never knew how good they could feel, simply by improving how well they walk, removes chronic pain for good.


With implementing body weight exercise, cable machines, and efficient movement patterns… you can move freely by working on your gait, and other primal movement patterns


Walking and Running are the most complex movements you ever learnt… think about how long they took… for most at least 1 year.


Think about that.


So never worry if you struggle with less complex exercises like a squat.


It takes time to OWN your movements.


The point here is unless you know what to fix to help yourself feel better. You can never put EFFORT to that area. Which means you can never fully improve.


Unlocking your roadblocks is key to a successful transformation in your body, whether that’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or performing better.


Do you breathe properly?


Most don’t.


Most shallow breathe only using a third of their capacity.


That STRESSES your body


Poor walking mechanics STRESSES your body


Remove these stresses


Optimise your body.


And great things happen.


Those wobbly bits you dislike. They tighten up.


If you want to know more about optimising your body


We get to that in your VERY first coaching session, introducing you to exercises that will change your life.


To find out about the coaching programme… The S12 Method… go here…


All the best

Sam ‘strutting’ Stocks

PS. What’s your next step knowing what you have read?



Sam Stocks