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Smile Your Way To The New You For A Profound Change

Smile Your Way To The New You For A Profound Change

It’s great to get a bit of inspiration

And yesterday I came across a woman in Manchester who was raising money for a step mum with ovarian cancer

To raise money, she entered many running events

She was a ‘big’ girl <<< (Her words, not mine)

But always had a SMILE on her face

In fact

A picture went viral when she appeared last, finishing her local park run

With a huge smile on her face

And since she began, she has lost a couple of dress sizes and a bit of weight

However, the best change

That’s had a huge impact on her life

Is she is so HAPPY

The positive mental changes in yourself when you begin an exercise journey can be huge

With a system that targets these specifically

The impact can be long lasting, improving up on all areas of life

That’s why it’s integrated in The Super 12 System

Brining about calm, courage confidence and much more.

She says “my bum might not have changed much, but my happiness, that change has been massive

So think about this

You could go somewhere and get a great exercise plan

Maybe they throw in an amazing nutrition plan

And unlimited support

That’s great

Often these are missing the habit forming side of long term success

In health and wellness


The Super 12 System has you covered

So when you cross any finishing line’ll be smiling too.

It’s about the journey also. Not the destination.

As that destination changes. And if that’s all you focus on. You’ve lost


The other point this inspiring lady mentioned.

Whilst she is happy, she still has bad days, she just has better ways of dealing with those now.

Which is one of the biggest benefits our super 12 ladies see

They have the tools and tactics to not be side tracked by daily life.

If you want a system that keeps you consistent towards your own success

Get in touch

You can start very soon.

All The best

Sam ‘winning’ Stocks

Ps. There’s lots of ways you can win each day. You just have to look.

What are you proud of today in your own life?

Sam Stocks