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Social occasions and friends cause FAT GAIN

Social occasions and friends cause FAT GAIN.

^^^ it seems that way anyway

It seems that family and friends can take your choice away.

One of our new super 12 clients has a different view

Her routine for creating her success, in its simplest form:

-Training 3 x a week and being more active daily

-Eating a healthy nutritious diet, with revitalising amounts of calories

She has achieved 22lbs of Fat loss

This year. She started in January!


After hosting a friendly get together this weekend, she said the following as part of her weekly review...

Committed to continue to build repertoire of healthy, tasty recipes. Success of entertaining this weekend but sticking to healthy food choices has demonstrated that its still possible to be a good host without lots of excess calories

She followed great healthy recipes which everybody enjoyed

You don’t have to conform to unhealthy habits just because your friends want it...

They might actually enjoy the change.

And her friends loved it… They said they don’t get to experience this.

The healthy meals were actually a TREAT

Compared to their usual Pain Au Chocolat and croissants

So if you want to lose weight

Feel better

Perform better

And ultimately change your life

It starts with you making the right choices

If your mindsets messed up

If you find yourself stressed and tired

It’s hard to break this cycle

And it’s hard to make quality choices


You have a system to follow that helps you

Make the right choices to achieve your goals

You don’t have to be perfect

No one is

Being consistent with new habits that will help you is they key.

The Super 12 System has everything you need in it to succeed


So if you want to jump off of the YO-YO diets and exercise plans

And have confidence in something that works

The Super 12 System might just be the BEST thing you could follow.

All the best

Sam ‘impressed’ Stocks

PS. Amazing progress and sound behaviours built in less than 7 weeks. All maintainable for life. There’s no DEADLINE, no waiting to be able to come ‘off diet’, it’s a complete lifestyle change.

ARE you READY for yours?