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Success Is More Than Weight Loss

Success is more than weight loss

Here is one of my clients recognising 10 achievements since starting The Super 12 System in January...

“In the last 3 months I have:

1. Lost 30 pounds

2. Lost 11 inches overall, including 5 from my waist

3. Completely overhauled my diet and nutrition, dramatically reducing the amount of sugar, caffeine, gluten and saturated fat and completely eliminating shop- bought ready meals

4. Completed some form of exercise at least 6 out of 7 days a week, sometimes twice daily

5. Cooked “proper” meals more often in past 12 weeks than I have in past 3 years

6. Reduced amount of food wasted from my fridge - and thereby reduced feelings of guilt about throwing out food

7. Improved physical fitness levels - specifically strength, stamina and flexibility. This is still work in progress

8. Have been downgraded from “obese” to “overweight” on the NHS bmi calculator and am now only 1.5 points away from entering healthy weight range.

9. Eliminated feelings of bloating after meals and breathlessness after everyday tasks (like putting on socks and shoes!)

10. Been able to re- introduce about 70% of my old wardrobe, which I couldn’t fit into in December

So as you can see, amazing progress

The Super 12 System works.

It allows you to achieve things you think aren’t possible for you.

Whether that’s your past experiences

Or your current understanding of WELLBEING

Bring your TIME to life and spend it wisely, giving it everything you’ve got.

Let’s open the doors to your success

Ready to start in April?

The doors will be open to a select few

If you’re interested in achieving fantastic results like those listed above

Simply get in touch

Let me know your story

Things like what you’ve tried in the past

What your struggles have been

Any obstacles you currently have

And I will show you EXACTLY what I can do to help you move forwards and achieve tremendous results

All the best

Sam ‘a proud moment’ Stocks

Ps. Yep it’s always a great feeling when reading what clients have achieved. It would be great to read your comments in the near future on your own success.

Sam Stocks