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The Super Green Miracle


Over the last year, I have made it a habit to have a GREEN SMOOTHIE every single morning,


It’s one of the habits I have, that boosts my energy and gives me a great hit of nutrients.


Which is one of many that help me feel great all day (If you want to know what they are, hit reply and ask)


This is something that you could implement too.


And see your energy transform.


Now. To make the best smoothie I invested in a Vitamix


They’re a little pricey.


But they are the best around, nothing really compares.


And it’s pretty much indestructible and will last a very long time.


At the time, a few friends said, why are you paying so much.


I get it, it’s expensive.




if I had purchased a cheaper one around £50-100


I’d be buying it again, a lot sooner.


The smoothies would not taste as great.


I wouldn’t be able to do so many things with it,


See when you buy cheap, you buy twice.


And the experience isn’t as amazing.


Which brings me to The Super Charged Woman Experience,


There are other options available for people,


To train, to possibly lose weight, train in a group and learn about exercise.


But I have seen nothing around that compares...


I see lots of women who have wasted money on:


Slimming World

Weight Watchers

Clean 9

The 5:2 Diet

The Bodycoach.

The 20lb challenge

Herbal Life


These programs are not sustainable.


You may lose weight quickly, but soon the motivation for change disappears


And you are back at square one…


Looking for the next solution,


But that fails too.




With the Super Charged Woman Experience,


You get way more,


Support every single day to do what you need to do,


Access to all the training and guidance you could ever want,


to keep your exercise on track


and your results consistent


Nutrition support, that offers more for FREE than seeing a nutrition coach or dietician privately.


With far better results.


What we offer here, works.


You will see it work


You will love the habits you can build,


The results these give you are fantastic:


A toned body


More energy


A feel good factor - where you feel you can do anything


You feel you can wear anything and look great,


Like the Vitamix, you become indestructible, your results will last a lifetime


You will have built yourself up, learnt a ton, that keeps you going for life.


Not just some quick fix,


All you have to do is apply.


Put yourself down on the waiting list.


Enrolment for the next group, will start soon.


Let me know if you want in. Apply here:


You can learn more about getting out of the mundane


And in to the extraordinary.


Because after this


Life will be very different.


All the best


Sam ‘Super-Green’ Stocks


  1. I will be also opening up spots for the Super Charged Woman Experience called:


UNLEASHED… more on this coming soon. (Only 6 spots will be available)




















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