Apply For Our SUPER 12 Life Transformation Program, Specifically for NEWCASTLE Ladies, Age 35-55

It’s easy to have the thought: ‘It won’t work for me’ and a number of thoughts that stop you from ACHIEVING what you really want, because YOU doubt its possible. Would you like to hear what KATE has to say about the EXPERIENCE and the COACHING. Click to hear what she has to say, it is LIFE changing.

Start dates to apply for:

    • Flexi-Start date between Monday 16th October and 22nd October Evenings 5:30pm and 6:15pm. (Sunday 9am and 10am)

Applications Close In:


Who's this for?

    • Newcastle Ladies age 35-55 who want to transform their health and fitness, with an approach that results in LONG LASTING CHANGE
    • Specifically designed for busy women over 35 years of age who want to get back in to AMAZING shape
    • Flexi-Start date between Monday 16th October and 22nd October 2017
    • 8 Total Spaces Available
    • Upon Application, the process starts for you straight away. LIVE Sessions begin on the dates above.
    • All levels of ability catered to...If you can sit on a chair, you have the ability to exercise.
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