Discover How These Newcastle Women Lost Weight, Improved Their Strength, Toned Up and Felt Great As Part Of The Super Effective:

' The Super Charged Woman Experience'

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  • 26th June, Mornings (2 spaces left)     Evenings (4 Spaces left)
  • 10th July, Mornings (5 Spaces Left),  Evenings (8 Spaces Left)

Right now, you need help, like many women who apply to join The Super Charged Woman Experience, You are here for a reason. Below the Video you will see the many benefits of the experience.

But its important to know that, all of the women who join, have been where you are now. Lets look at some of the struggles you may have... and then look below at how life can be, in the not so distant future. Because YES, you too can achieve GREAT results.

  • You are a few stone overweight and feel that nothing seems to work for you that lasts
  • You lack confidence and cover your body up in baggy, boring clothes.
  • You feel tired, drained (mentally and physically) and have ZERO time for YOU
  • You eat and pick at all the wrong foods and have no idea how to stop the 'GREEDY BITCH' inside <<< a clients words.
  • You find it hard to exercise and find anything like that difficult or boring OR
  • You do exercise, do class after class, try all the latest TRENDS and see NO RESULTS.
  • You find yourself feeling guilty about your bad behaviours, whether that is the food binges or the excessive drinking
  • You are simply stuck. AND you know you need to CHANGE

Well, the solution is below, APPLY while you can...

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Watch the video below to see how YOU can 10x your RESULTS:

    The Super Charged Woman Experience Offers Way More Than Exercise and Nutrition Coaching. You Get The Following:

    • Up-to 4 Small Group Personal Coaching Sessions Each Week. Each Coaching Sessions Lasts 45 minutes,
    • 24/7 Nutrition coaching, recipes, specific measurements for meals, all to lose weight effectively
    • Access to 'The Vault' our MEMBER only website with exclusive exercise routines, nutrition coaching, daily habit integration tips, home routines and more!
    • Access to our MEMBER only Nutrition System, making planning, buying, preparing and cooking your food simple, easy and very effective.
    • Access to me 24/7 and other members through our Support App, where you can keep updated and supported when needed
    • Daily, weekly and monthly tracking to keep you Focused and ACCOUNTABLE, to achieve what ever you choose.
    • Personalised at home routines to keep you fighting fit and injury free, simple 5 minute routines to keep you progressing.

Some questions I often get asked can be seen below and will shed some light on what you will experience:

"How will I feel?"

  • You will feel GREAT and be confident in yourself & the exercises you perform, 
  • You will feel ENCOURAGED by other members in the small groups, from the support and MOTIVATION they give you
  • You will feel EXCITED seeing what current members have achieved, so you can see whats possible for your own body.
  • You will feel that you have way more ENERGY
  • You will feel like YOU CAN DO IT

"How will I Look?"

  • Easy...AMAZING
  • You will look YOUNGER and move far better, which some clients say is better than the weight loss!
  • You will learn how to move your body well, to get rid of aches and pains, which makes you look CAPABLE, strong and healthy.
  • You will, in a short space of time, look like you have been training well for years.

How will I perform, how will this affect my life?

  • You will perform at a whole new level, keeping up with the kids is a major benefit!
  • Your focus and ability to deal with life's challenges will be laser will feel like you can DO anything.
  • Most women lose around 1 stone in their first month alone, which allows them to move and feel better in every day scenarios.
  • You will feel like you can wear what you want, and have a confidence about you when you wear body shaping clothes.
  • You'll have more time, more energy, more confidence, more enjoyment...and ZERO excuses. You will do what you NEED to do...
  • Which gives you what you WANT