First question then: Do you fit the criteria?

  • You're fed up with looking at the clothes that used to fit you in your wardrobe and saying "one day"
  • You want to start socialising more and feeling more confident than what you currently do
  • You just want to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see
  • You're tired of constantly feeling like you're on a diet and just want to start something that sticks
  • You're sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again - for once you just want to keep it off
  • You have a holiday coming up and finally want to feel comfortable in a bikini

Where do the sessions take place?

Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching
Body 360
29 Orion Business Park
Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate
North Shields
Tyne And Wear
United Kingdom
NE29 7SN

When you enter the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate, go straight to the top, last left, then second right, Then right, you will see yellow fronted units, we are then straight ahead and on the left.

What times are sessions available?

Monday: 5:30pm
Tuesday: 5:30pm and 6:15pm
Thursday: 5:30pm and 6:15pm
Friday: 4:15pm and 5pm
Sunday: 9am and 10am

What are others saying about Their Experience?


This Programme Is Designed For Women That Want 'Fast And Long Lasting' RESULTS

Our 12 Week Body Transformation Package is our Special Fast Track results in 2017 Programme

I have spent the last 14 months testing and refining the workouts, the nutrition system, the recipes, the ongoing support and accountability - so that everyone that joins sees amazing results!

This is by far our most complete offer. We are so confident that everyone taking part will not only see big changes in the way they look, but will also notice an immediate uplift in energy levels and a massive boost in confidence and self esteem that we are backing this programme with out 200% money back guarantee!!!

If you don't absolutely love it and feel that you have got value for money then we will not only refund your money back, but will pay you double!!

Here's What Is Included:

    • 12 Weeks Access To Our Nutrition System and Coaching (Value £750)
    • 12 Weeks Membership to The Vault, our members only personal 24/7 coaching platform (Value £495)
    • Weight and Body Fat % Monitoring (Value £270)
    • Upto 48 Sessions of Semi-Private Personal Training (Value £1500)
    • Access to our Support and Accountability group (Value £297)
    • Daily 5-10 min Morning Energiser routines (Value £300)
    • TOTAL VALUE = £3315 

YOUR PRICE = £275 per month including UNLIMITED ACCESS to THE GYM
* we set up a direct debit for you. And remember we offer a double your money back, no risk to YOU guarantee. 

So What's The Best Way To Get On This Amazing Body Transformation Programme?

It's quite simple.

All you have to do is REPLY to the email you received,saying WHY you are a GREAT fit, and leave your mobile number.

I will then call you at a scheduled time.

The call aka interview will last 10 minutes.

If I feel you are a GREAT fit and believe I can help you achieve your goals over the 12 week Programme, I will invite you to JOIN. 

Yep its as simple as that. WE offer a very UNIQUE service, that GUARANTEES results. We want YOU to be HAPPY with the programme but in turn WE want to be happy that you are a committed person who REALLY does want to achieve lasting change... NOT just a QUICK FIX.

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