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The Little Things

The Little Things                                                                                                                                                    

Are you doing the little things?

If you would like to achieve more from your life right now.

Start off by making your bed in the morning.

It sounds simple, too easy,

It should be. Accomplish that task

You can accomplish more. You have primed your brain to TAKE ACTION

When it’s the right ACTION and you make it DAILY

You form a HABIT

Some habits serve you, some don’t.

The Super 12 System allows you to ACCESS many that do serve you.

Take ACTION after making your bed. And the benefits compound.

In The Super 12 System,

The next TASK for you, would be to ENERGISE your whole body and have you feel READY for the day, mobilised and energised… With a MORNING ENERGISER…

It takes less than 3 minutes and is time well spent.

You then have other TASKS to accomplish through the day, that are most likely, better choices to the ones you already do, and then some NEW ones for good measure.

As you do this, it becomes your NORMAL, its routine,

And it makes you FEEL good.

If you can make your bed, if you can touch your nose, if you can drink water,

This WILL work for you.

So if you are READY to build habits into your life

To LIVE it in the best possible way.

This is for you.

You decide what direction you want to go

And what is important for you to IMPLEMENT.

The Super 12 System guides you, and helps YOU become the MASTER of yourself.

Let me know WHY its important you make changes in your life right NOW, and I’ll help you get started.

These actions build on one another.

The Little Things DO MATTER.

How you do ONE thing is HOW you do EVERYTHING.

If you Half-Ass Things.

If you don’t pay attention.

If you decide, NOT TODAY.

You are giving yourself an excuse to NOT succeed.

Giving yourself a BAD HABIT that will let you down.

Ask yourself this question:

Am I doing something that will serve my happiness and my best interests OR the opposite?”

If it is something that serves your best SELF.

Do it.

If not. Don’t, or Find another option that CAN help you.

If you are READY for change. You know what to do.

All the best

Sam ‘bed maker’ Stocks

PS. What ACTION will you take, that is a ‘little thing’ to help YOU today?

Sam Stocks