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“The Only Thing That Will Stop Me…

“The Only Thing That Will Stop Me…

Is ME”.

Have you ever said that?

I have become well aware of the inner demons that can stop me progressing!

The good thing =

Ive learnt how to overcome them.

Ive learnt TOOLS

You are right when you say the only thing that will stop you is you.

What is hard to overcome, with that is; ARE YOU AWARE what part of YOU, needs help?

Have you ever said any of this before:

I don’t have time

I don’t have the motivation

I wont be able to do that

I am not fit enough

I am too FAT

I wont fit in.

YOU will have said one of those

AND I call BS on all of it.

Its your beliefs about what you can do that need to change

You need to take responsibility for your actions

And you also need help with your RE-ACTIONS

That’s right

Sometimes you will respond to circumstances before you get chance to THINK

By then, when your rational brain starts to contemplate your actions…


The damage is done

You feel like CRAP

And you start to beat yourself up mentally.

It’s the internal demons that keep you stuck

They stop you from taking the required action

LOOK, what I teach works. Its that simple.

If you are WILLING to open yourself up to the idea that, YOU can achieve a transformation that is LIFE CHANGING…

Where you overcome doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, and procrastination and are REWARDED with…






And a body that can fit into your favourite clothes…

Then. Stop. Take a minute. Look in to your FUTURE and see the possibilities to MEET the best version of you.

That can be a reality.

The Super 12 System can be the door way to the best version of you.

All you have to do is get in touch.

Those that do, are so glad they did, and happy they committed to the journey.

All the best

Sam ‘with you’ Stocks

PS. Yep, I'm with you every step of the way, to help guide you to your BEST SELF.

Sam Stocks