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The Scales are liars

The Scales are liars

All of them...liars

They don’t tell you the truth

They can provide you with a number

But what does that number represent?

It’s not black and white

You have to look at the grey

For most women, And most men

Your day can be made or broken by reading a number

If you’re looking to drop a few dress sizes and/ change you’re shape

A drop on the scales would suggest progress

And for most

It does


Let’s say you lost 4lbs in one week

Then 2lbs in week two

And ZERO lbs in week three

What was your best week?

You’d assume week one, but it could be week three.

Depending on your exercise and food intake.

All three tell a different story.

Lots of HIIT exercise and cardio, plus low calorie foods

Could mean that 4lb weight loss was only a few grams of fat loss, the rest being water, muscle and other bodily fluids.

Week 2 would represent, similar.

All of this is stress on the body

Too much stress

And long term that’s not good for your health.

Even when performed in the short term. The damage is already done.

It’s all about balance

(See in week three, you could lose 1 lb of fat, but gain 1lb of LEAN muscle, which is way better… the scales wouldn’t say so though, if you are purely focused on the number)


Looking at the scales alone

You would think

“4lbs” brilliant for week 1.

You have to start thinking outside the box

Scales... you could throw them


And go off circumference measurements across key areas of the body

Like your waist

Your hips

Your chest

Your thighs

Changes here would be a sign of fat loss.

Yet there’s still potential for muscle loss

And you want to avoid that as much as possible

This is where having a highly accurate body fat measurement comes in super handy.

And other than a DEXA scan...

The best option available to you is a Biosignature

Where you receive your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and more

You get to understand, based on the results taken from 12 sites on the body...

What your hormonal profile is like, and how this effects your body.

What foods you should eat.

As well as what exercise would most benefit you.

If you would like an in-depth look into your body

This is all part of The Super 12 System

Or you can come along to our private facility for a check up to receive these MUST KNOW measurements.

All the best

Sam ‘signature’ Stocks

Ps. What do the scales mean to you?

Sam Stocks