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There Are No Magic Pills

Scarlett Moffatt There are no MAGIC PILLS

So it seems her dramatic transformation a couple of years ago was NOT the result of following her Workout DVD exercises.


That’s always the case. ALWAYS.

These at HOME workout DVDs are like traditional exercise classes, they get you moving, get you sweaty, and have you feeling better for doing them.

But they will very rarely help you dramatically change your shape.

There are far more steps to it. That’s why over the last several years, and probably many before, all these celebs have being following Strength Training programmes, using weights, and following these in a PROPER training environment.

There was no surprises when it came to the news that she had been at a BOOTCAMP for 6 months in Switzerland, training 6 hours a day and walking up mountains.

It just shows, you have to put in the HARD WORK.

The funny thing is. If you can call it that, is, 6 hours a day is a tad excessive.

1 Hour a day, and walking regularly will achieve GREAT results.

Its about being active.

Its about TRAINING with Weights… especially for women. Its important to develop lean muscle.

This means you will burn more calories at rest.

You will help your bones become stronger.

You will move and feel better.

You will better combat what life throws at you.

Now. The average woman doesn’t have 6 hours a day to TRAIN, and the rest of the time to walk up mountains.

But. The average woman does have time to train 3 x a week, following a weights-based programme.

The average woman does have 20 minutes a day to work on her health and mobility… to feel better and release some HAPPY hormones.

The Super 12 System, uses backed by science steps to have you looking and feeling better.

The whole process is intended to have you achieve the success you want, as well as appreciating what and who you are, as well as how you are.

If you want to follow something that works with you, rather than against you, something that encourages your body to work.

Then The Super 12 System is definitely something to follow for your next step.

All the best

Sam ‘Expose’ Stocks

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