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There’s a big problem. But after 5 seconds…

Goldfish in an aquarium on a table

There’s a big problem. But after 5 seconds...

You’ll probably forget.

With how accessible information is these days we’ve become STUPID

As in the average human being has an attention span of 5 seconds

To put that into perspective

A gold fish has an attention span of 6 seconds

And I’ll they do is swim around in a little bowl


What that means for you is

As you’re scrolling through your social media feed

And going about your day

You’ll come across people with good intentions trying to help you

The Problem with that

These too have been over run by their short attention spans

Going after the ‘shiny object’

Losing the bigger picture in the process

~Whole rounded health~

Yep that’s what they’re missing

Ever wonder why you can’t succeed when it comes to losing weight and feeling better

Well the attention span or attention to the details is lost

You very rarely know what you should focus on

And even then

After a few weeks

You’ll be focusing on something completely different

And have completely stopped doing any amount of good you began with

It’s all a mess

It sounds dismal

It is

The UK is getting fatter and unhealthier

Yet there’s loads of information out there suggesting you can be different

Most have it wrong

That’s why average is messed up

If you would like to know a better way

And take yourself from




Then you can achieve great things

And build a higher level attention span than a gold fish

As well as increase your confidence

Feel happier in yourself

Perform better in every day life

Achieve more at work

The list is pretty much endless

When you incorporate The Super 12 System into your daily routine

All the best

Sam ‘awesome’ Stocks

Ps. Yes I did just say that. Hey I’m feeling pretty awesome.

If you want to feel that now know what to do.

Unless it has taken you 6 seconds to get here.  😉

Sam Stocks