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They Earn It Through Grit and Sweat

They earn it through grit and sweat

Following the right plan

Unique to you makes transformation…Easy.

When I talk about The Super 12 System being easy to achieve your results

It is easy.

As you’re guided

At a pace that suits you and allows you to progress effectively and efficiently

Achieving incredible results

When you put hard work on top of a great system,

Like The Super 12 System

The results are brilliant


You have to move, train hard and increase your fitness and strength

That’s your payment to a healthy, fit body, that can take what life throws at you.

A lot of people

Maybe you

Make the whole process hard

By following the wrong, mainstream advice

You get sucked into the latest fads and trends

And a few months later wonder why you haven’t transformed into this amazing YOU

The Super 12 System is backed by science and countless research that proves you can reach success through the methods we use

Are you using the best exercise methods to achieve your goals?

Are you following a diet? Or are you eating for life?

The Super 12 System has you follow sustainable behaviours

That turn into habits

That will last a lifetime.

You can choose to do things ineffectively

Or you can follow what works

What works, when you put in the effort, becomes easy.

Following what doesn’t could be easy or hard...but in the long run it will be hard, frustrating and defeating.

If you want to have something to use and follow that has you winning

The Super 12 System is right for you.

Put in some elbow grease and you have a recipe for some seriously good results

All the best

Sam ‘grooving’ Stocks

Ps. You have to grease the groove. That’s how you get better. Consistency is the key. Come and join us.

Sam Stocks