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This Works Across Everything

This works across everything...

For many its about going from A to B

Training a new client last night, their main goal is actually putting on muscle

Compared to the majority who focus on weight loss.

After an initial assessment to see how well they move I asked what they normally would do on a Thursday...

Their focus was on chest

They told me what they normally lift

And we went to work 

Like many they moved themselves or a weight from A >>>> To B

I asked them to drop the weight by a third

And showed them how to focus their muscles in the movement to intentionally focus on what they do between A and B...

This new way lit their nervous system up...

They knew their muscles had been worked in a completely new way...

This new way when applied to the whole body

Will not only create a lean, toned physique

But also allow this person to lose body fat...

As long as they apply quality nutrition in their life.

You see most people have a simplified view of most things, which is fine.

However, often many important things can be missed.

When you can take the complicated, apply it and make it simple, by receiving effective coaching

You’re on to a winner

You feel better

You’ll be energised instead of exhausted

And you’ll make the most of your time when exercising.

This method of focus, it sets you up for success in many ways

You’re less likely to suffer injuries

You’re able to recover effectively

And your ability to move well, increases.

If you would love to learn methods that actually work

Rather than going from A to B

Learning how to engage your body

Where you feel an immediate pay off

Then come down to the gym

For a private 1-2-1 session to see what it’s all about

If you’re a good fit

I’ll invite you to The Super 12 System coaching or private 1-2-1 coaching

Get in touch.

Let’s get you some RESULTS 

This focus on what you to between A and B applies to everything in life

It’s about the journey.

Focus on the present.

Be mindful... and you move away from the chaos of worry, anxiety and holding on to the past!

All the best

Sam ‘gets you there’ Stocks

PS. When you decide to change. You’ve just begun the journey. Action is needed daily to get to where you want to be. What action will you take today?

Sam Stocks