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"This will change your life forever just think: slimmer, fitter and never on a diet again ever", Linda, a Super Charged Woman

What will you get from the Super Charged Woman Experience Trial?

Want to lose weight and keep it off forever?

Never diet again. Starving yourself doesn’t work.

On my training program, you will learn to view food as nutrition.

I will get your body moving in a personal tailored program just for you.

When you exercise properly you won’t want to comfort eat so much.

You will feel comfortable in the gym

You will be happier

Comfort eating is about control

Take control of your body and fitness instead and start eating based on the nutrition your body needs

You won’t be hungry

You will be less stressed

You will see results on your waistline in two weeks, guaranteed

Work with me a few months you could be a few inches smaller, in all the right areas

Talk to my existing slimmer fitter happier personal training clients

You will get online support

You will get help with motivation and thinking right

This will change your life forever just think slimmer and fitter and never on a diet again ever

Apply below for a free Trial of my exclusive The Super Charged Woman Experience.

When you apply I will be in touch with all the relevant details and how I can help YOU achieve your specific, unique goals. I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

We are based just 5 Minutes away from Silverlink, our facility is at Percy Park Rugby Club, North Shields. (We also have online clients who we help , coach, support and transform across the country, we can help you too.)