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The value of someone else (Is This MISSING)

The value of someone else (Is This MISSING)

I had a great reminder yesterday of the value of accountability

I was training for the winter fan dance

I have to keep my sugars up throughout so energy gels are a must

(Especially with Type 1 Diabetes)

^^^ That brings its own mental challenges when it comes to exercise

I tried something new today and had 3 all at once,

Instead of spreading them out over an hour

And it worked wonders

I still have to check my bloods regularly

Or at least I should do

To make sure they don’t go too low

But I was on a rush, felt fit, felt good

Felt GREAT in fact

I thought.

Argh why bother checking my blood

I do feel fine

It takes a minute

I’d rather crack on

I’ll crack on


My mate forced me to check

And I’m glad I did

They were quite low

Which allowed me

To correct them

Despite feeling OK.

I wasn’t I needed some sugar

So there’s a few lessons here, right?

One... accountability is powerful...

It makes sure you do what you need to do

It keeps you on track

What you believe is ok, may not be

So it’s worth getting a second opinion...

Mine came from a measuring device...

Based on being encouraged to use the thing

All in all

It allowed me to continue and make the right changes

To keep going strong

Maybe you need this too

In our 12 week transformation programme

Accountability is a huge part of its success

Having people there

That will look out for your best interests

That will push you

That will support you

And that will encourage you to keep going.

Maybe that’s what’s been missing in the past?

Maybe it’s time to bring everything together

Make some simple changes

And start seeing RESULTS

Ones which will ultimately MOTIVATE you to keep going

The powers in the STARTING

You can decide to get the power today.

All you have to do.

Leave a comment on this post

Or Send me a message

Let me know that you’re interested in trying it all out

And I’ll be in touch

All the best

Sam ‘grateful’ Stocks

Sam Stocks