“Very tired all of the time, so find it hard to get motivated to do anything” - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

“Very tired all of the time, so find it hard to get motivated to do anything”

“Very tired all of the time, so find it hard to get motivated to do anything”

The modern dilemma ^^^

Most people are tired.

When you feel this way

Motivation for anything but your BED is low.


Your energy effects your mood

Your mood effects your thoughts

Your Thoughts effect your ACTIONS

Your ACTIONS effect your ENERGY

And we are back around FULL CIRCLE

In there lies the solution


So if what you are currently doing isn’t working

IT requires CHANGE

It requires different ACTIONS.

If doing nothing makes you feel RUBBISH

How about trying SOMETHING…

Here’s a few things…

Prioritise SLEEP – 8 hours

Go for a walk in the fresh air

Stop eating PROCESSED rubbish – lack of nutrients causes your tiredness. One of many reasons.

You know the biggest way to affect your ENERGY.

I mentioned it YESTERDAY…


You need a rocket up your backside to get going and the way to create that get up and go…

No longer, SETTLE for your situation

Change it.

Work out why its actually a MUST that you change.

Why is it a must you need to transform your body

Why is it a MUST you have energy?

Why is it a must you change your life?

If you don’t know.

Maybe you need guiding through a process that REVEALS it.

Maybe you have settled for so long you don’t know what OPTIONS you have.

Maybe you have tried so many things out there that promise the world and have never delivered, you don’t know who and what to trust.


When you understand your why.

When you know the real reasons why you have struggled

When you know the scientifically proven ways to overcome your struggles.

And when that’s mapped out for you…

Exactly to the point, you want to reach in your goals and life…

It makes it far easier to get up and do something about your situation.

So lets do that.

Get in touch

Lets speak

Lets figure out a solution.

Book yourself in for a 1-2-1 transformation session

And we will take it from there.

All the best

Sam ‘Fuel at the ready’ Stocks

PS. There are more ways to work with me...

Do you want to work with me to optimise your body, health and mind? There are a few options for you to consider, so here goes. You are here for a reason after all, right? You want to change. Get that here:

1. Group Transformation, to follow a tried and tested programme that delivers consistent results that last, time after, time, come along and join like-minded women who are developing daily habits that become your lifestyle, to a happy you. Find out more here.

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3. If you find life is throwing challenge after challenge at you, if you have suffered from anxiety or depression and have the desire to break free, if you know you can experience more, but are unsure of how to start. Our talking therapies can help massively. A completely different approach is taken looking at your own awareness and changing your reality to suit you. To find out more and book a complimentary experience, go here to find out more… “Reach my HAPPY”

4. If you have had any accidents, injuries, surgeries, suffer from pain or niggles limiting your ability to move, or you simply want to optimise your body to perform at the highest level, why not try a Neurokinetic Therapy session to get to the root cause, discover the missing link and unlock your best self. Find out more about how it all works, here. NKT “How it works”





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