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Was It Worth It?

Was it worth it?

As a finished the last few shards of Chocolate Easter Egg, I wondered…

“Was it worth it?”

Not really. I enjoyed some of it. But not all of it. You kind of get to a point where you want rid of the thing, so you can, “get back to normal

I don’t often buy chocolate or other temptations… I have a SWEET TOOTH

If its in the house I will EAT IT.

Usually when I am bored or putting off work. I’ll go in search of FOOD.

If that kind of food’s in the house… im likely to go for that.

That’s the reality.

So I have to be mindful of that.

These treats do not suit my GOALS.

I can enjoy a healthy, tasty, freshly cooked meal just as much as any TREAT.

Which is a NICE realisation.

So again. was my indulgence worth it… NO.

I cement the fact that I get more enjoyment out of my normal, everyday nutrition, eating healthy nutritious meals. Sometimes they are simple with just a few ingredients. Others, a little more extravagant. All equally tasty.

Imagine the power of this for YOU, if your goal is to stay or get to a shape and size you are happy with.


If your goal is FAT LOSS or a TONED body shape

Eating like this can have negative side effects. As in, treats creeping in, all too often.

Physically your body adjusts

But your mindset can play games with you.

What you need to consider when having indulgences, whether that’s with food or alcohol, is the knock on effect of EXTRA CALORIES….

1600 calories was my cost

And that means maybe falling behind my Body Shape Goals by 3-5 days.

If you do this regularly, it may mean very little progress.

If its every once in a while. No problem.

Often, when it comes to sugary foods, treats and the things that we crave for comfort, distraction or entertainment, we don’t always consider other side effects.

Weight Gain is the obvious one most are aware of.

But what about your digestion?

Your energy levels?

Your complexion?

Your quality of rest and SLEEP?

All these things are effected.

Bringing awareness to what you eat and how it effects your life can help you build strategies to LIVE OPTIMALLY.

I’m not saying any of the above is good or bad, regarding indulging. It’s simply a case of do the consequences of those actions sit well with you or not, with the mindset of goals you would like to achieve?

That’s it.

Oh and as you build tone and shape, increasing muscle, and reducing FAT, your body can handle extra calories. So today I was still within my calorie targets. But knowing I had 125g SUGAR… Yeah that’s not good.

Increasing your metabolism has many benefits. So the one for me is, I can get away with TREATS in a FAT gaining perspective. It’s the other factors that make me think twice.

Whats your view?

All the best

Sam ‘mini-egg-monster- Stocks

PS. Little treats of my younger years, come back to play there part at times like this. Reminding me of experiences and feelings from the past. Being aware of SUGAR content and calories definitely stopped me at ONE EGG. I could have gone for other Chocolate TREATS.

For you, what did you notice about any indulgence from the weekend? How did effect your mood? How was your sleep? Did you wake up rested?

Sam Stocks