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Well That Got Your Attention

Well That Got Your Attention

It was great to hear that yesterday’s post resonated with many of you

The thing is

Emotions affect everyone

And they play a big part in who you are and how you manage your behaviours

It’s very common for many people to feel helpless when it comes to losing weight

They try, and try again.

And when it didn’t work or doesn’t work




Feel you are not NORMAL.

You are normal

It’s human nature to want to protect yourself

And that’s what’s happening

You never have been shown the strategies to help you move forwards

You need to take a long-term view and approach to your goals

You need to increase your awareness of what is going on right now

Are you sabotaging yourself?

If you’re not sure

What behaviours are currently going on in your life?

That deep down you know are not helping you.

One big challenge for people who struggle to lose weight is the domino effect of comfort foods

You want to feel better, approved of, accepted or sometimes even rebel against what society tells you is attractive or ‘the way to be’

When you eat these foods your body fails to recognise your feeling of fullness signals

And you plough through way more food than is ideal

Now if this happens on the odd occasion

It’s not going to harm You

But if it’s happening often

It’s likely you need a mindset shift

And some useful strategies to make that happen

As well as working on enjoying food, that helps you feel good and is healthy for you

And taking part in a realistic exercise program

That energises and revitalises you.

That’s what creates success

All of this together, with other strategies in The Super 12 System are making a real difference

For ladies exactly like you

Imagine looking back in 12 months time having achieved your goals

Knowing how to eat in a healthy way and have a healthier outlook on what food is. How it serves you. And also knowing what food isn’t for.

Imagine being capable of way more in fitness and in strength

Being able to deal with stress in whatever form that takes

What if you could see and show your commitment to yourself

Imagine how powerful that can be

If you’re ready to start an amazing journey

Maybe APRIL 2018 is the time for you to join us

The Super 12 Tribe and I will help you through this journey

Leading to your success

Get in touch

And enjoy the freedom of knowing all the solutions to your challenges.

And taking action on them.

All the best

Sam ‘pumped’ Stocks

Ps. Yep feeling pumped about the prospect of you joining. And seeing you and your life transforming before my eyes. It’s a great feeling to see this and it’s one of the many reasons I do what I do.

Sam Stocks