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What are you doing the other 95% of the time?

What are you doing the other 95% of the time?

If you want a different RESULT.

You must accept that YOU need to CHANGE.


More importantly…YOUR MINDSET must change.

The problem is for most that they believe just by exercising a few times a week and following a diet, their bodies will transform.

The thing is.

That accounts for maybe 5%, at the most, of your time throughout the week

What are you doing the other 95% of the time?

Are you active throughout the day?

Moving around, putting your body into different positions, exploring?

It could be as simple as playing with your kids, being down on the floor then up on your feet, then pretending to be a dinosaur (or is that just me 🤪)

If you don’t have kids or your kids are older then maybe choose activities that resemble the essence of the above.

Take your mind and imagination to a new place…away from

The usual self sabotage.

Those thoughts that go on in your head…are they helpful?

If your best friend started chatting the same talk you explore in your head, would they still be your friend?

Or would you think about getting them help?

A lot of self talk is negative.

What happens if that stays the same? How will you look, feel and act in 10’years time?

That occasional bottle of wine maybe becomes a daily occurrence

That wobble that you felt

Every now and again, now continues minutes after you stop moving…

Sorry, that’s a sign of an unhealthy body.

You want your body and mind to thrive.

Not just for you now.

But for your future self.

The choices you make now. Impact your future self.

Choose right. Choose healthy. Choose good for you. Most of the time.

And good things happen.

Not just for your body.

. Your mind too.

And that impacts more people

Than you looking great.

But you looking great usually has you FEELING great.

Feeling good about yourself.

If you want to come to a place to build your health and help your body thrive.

Where we focus on more than exercise and nutrition.

Make a positive choice today and get in touch to find out

What I can do for you.

All the best

Sam ‘no jiggles’ Stocks

Ps. What’s next for you?

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