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What The Lady Of The North Taught Me On Saturday

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What The Lady Of The North Taught Me On Saturday

 It’s easy to waste time

 Yet time is probably our most valuable asset

 It’s easy to say you don’t have time to do x y z

 Because other things take priority

 Often these “other things” aren’t always important...

 Like watching your favourite tv show

 Or _______ (fill in the blank)

 What ever you mess about doing.

 What could you be doing instead?

 What are your priorities?

 If you want to spend more time with family

 If you want to make the most of that time

 If you want to look better and feel better

 If you want to have more energy

 What are you doing with your time to achieve that?

 Look back on your week, did your week show you what your priorities are?

 That will always be your future too, unless you take time out and plan what ever it is that is important to you.

The Lady Of The North taught me the value of prioritising my family time

I have a bunch of family days out, family activities etc we can do...

So that when it comes to my free time

I can spend it wisely, I have go to options to follow

And it helps me avoid wasting time

Wondering “what shall I do today

I can just pick the next option on my list

And it works wonders

The mental space it creates...



It opens up more possibilities for other things too

With that head-space

You can think about other options for yourself to grow and improve

To become the best version of you.

What’s your priority?

If you would like to get into fantastic shape

Feel fitter

Feel stronger

Feel more capable with your body

And change way more in yourself than your “waist line”

The Super 12 System

And the group coaching sessions we offer

Just maybe the best thing you could prioritise into your week.

Make the most of it ...

Your time that is.

Become the best version of you

All the best

Sam ‘thank you lady’ Stocks

PS. What are you going to do as a result of reading the above, does it make you look at your use of time differently?

Sam Stocks