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Who Is Keeping You Accountable

Who’s keeping you accountable?

Having the right support group around you can be huge when it comes to achieving your goals.

If that’s backed up with the right information for you to learn and implement, to create the building blocks for you to thrive...

You’re on to a winner

And when those stages of implementation or benchmarks to achieve, are backed up by rock solid accountability

Things will be very interesting

That’s the foundation of everything I offer.

From The S12 Method

To Calisthenics Strong

And in those groups I keep myself accountable by sharing my goals too.

Just this past week I was called out by one of our super star members Kate.

She said “Sam have you ran your 12 miles yet in under 90 min, it’s nearly the end of June

I hadn’t.

So yesterday despite not wanting to go for a long run... (I still don’t like it before going out!)

I thought, let’s aim for 1 mile, then take it from there...

And in less than 90 min, I had made it, And actually enjoyed it, 12 miles complete.

If it wasn’t for my wireless ear phones running out of battery half way through I could have been faster...

Listening to podcasts or audio books seems to work well for me, giving my mind something to focus on other than my heart beating out of my chest!

Although I did enjoy the time to clear my head.


Job done

Accountability paid off

I feel stronger and more confident as a result when it comes to my running and my ability to perform.

Which is huge

Imagine if you had the same when it comes to anything you do.


It’s easy to underestimate the power of the little

Every day actions you can implement that will

Completely change your life.

When you haven’t experienced it.

It’s hard to appreciate

But when you know.

You know.

And things become very exciting.

And to be honest

I want that for you.

You deserve it

Like many women you probably have been fed all the hype around diet and exercise over the years with very little to show for it.

How about we change that?

If you would like to

If you feel now is your time to see some positive change in your life.

Hit me up.

Let me know:

What you would like to achieve.

And we can make that happen.

All the best

Sam ‘and the beat goes on’ Stocks

PS. If not NOW, When?

Sam Stocks