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Why You Should Enjoy the Struggle

It is what it is.


Nothing could be going right, but what are you doing?


Your story could be one of great achievement.


You always hitting your goals,


Life just seems to fall into place.


But then, what do you learn?


All the greatest stories are about some kind of struggle.


Then overcoming that to seek amazing results.


That’s the story in any good movie


I’m sure even Bridget Jones follows that plot


You have the struggles-


The Break up


The Love life in a mess


She Focuses on her career


Then, something else happens, a pregnancy,


Who’s the father?






Now for you that struggle could be


No Energy to get on with your day

(without the need for coffee or coke)


Weight going up instead of down


No motivation for the gym


Sick of the effort required to do the basics.


But what if you need the struggle?


With the struggle, you can let it beat you and do nothing.




You can use it to learn, from and apply some simple steps


See it teaches you what you want.


You want the opposite.


Now the struggle in achieving your desired goal, like weight loss.


could be


You struggle with:


  • Knowing how to train
  • Knowing what to eat
  • Knowing when and why for the above.
  • Knowing how to fit it all in around family
  • Knowing how to de-stress
  • Knowing how to fit it all in
  • And overall you struggle with taking action to find out and apply the above.


That is where I can help you. Give you all the answers and help you apply it.


So you learn what it takes to get there and overcome your struggles


Are you ready to stop Suffering and work on your struggles?


Hit reply.


Let me know what you need help with, and I will give you

the solutions


The struggle means you want more, you challenge yourself,


you just need things made simple and easy to implement


because at the moment, maybe you are suffering.



You put yourself down, and suffer.


I Dont want that to be your story.


Lets change it together.





All the best


Sam ‘Overcoming Struggles’ Stocks


PS. One clients saucy story about what transforming


her body has done for her love life


That one, will be with you tomorrow.















Sam Stocks