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What We Do

Are you looking at your body in the mirror and thinking how the hell did this happen, an out of shape, flabby belly, jelly legs, with bingo wings, a tired looking women that feels like crap…

  • The shape you are in causes you to lack confidence
  • You feel stuck, what can you follow to get the goals you want?, searching for that ideal physique
  • You feel your clothes make you look big and podgy
  • The kids call you out, its not nice been called ‘fatty’
  • You’ve tried diets in the past, or JUICE drinks and the odd meal to lose the belly, but it remains - even though you’ve practically starved for a few weeks

Well it does not have to be that way

You see my friend,

Looking in the mirror and thinking you need to change does nothing, you need to start taking action and put something structured into place, something that is fun and simple to follow.

You may be following a program, that’s a good start. But my guess is, its not achieving the results you really want. Plus it’s not specific to you and where you’re at. Who is looking out for you making sure you are following the program?

You see when you are left to your own devices you stop, think you can leave it this week, think you can eat rubbish and make up for it by burning more calories next week, or worse starving yourself for a few days or plain just giving up.

Everything should be individualised because you are unique, your background, lifestyle, body shape, likes, hobbies and budget all have a part to play. We tailor your exercise and nutrition to you.

I have been there following what I thought was a great plan, you know the ones, in the Health and fitness magazines or some fitness website program, but they never worked, once I sort guidance specific to my needs. BAM, the results showed. This is what I can do for you. We consider all the factors and provide you everything you need in a step by step process.

What you get on top of this is someone who will keep you accountable and someone who is there every step of the way to support you and answer any questions you have.

I learnt a long time ago that seeking out advice from people who are experts in their field to help you, where you have challenges, is the fastest way to get results, you can learn from their progress and their mistakes. Avoid the pitfalls and be given realistic expectations. Mistakes do happen and sometimes we might not execute our plans perfectly but as long as we learn from them and progress forwards, we are winning. I make sure you WIN.

I have learnt from the best around the world because I wanted the tools and strategies to help YOU achieve your best. I have done that for 100s of people just like YOU. Lets get you on the journey to success, apply for your strategy call.

Why is Sam Stocks Personal Training different? Well over the years we have helped many people lose weight and reach the body shape they set out to achieve. The problem with that is once this was achieved some were not 100% satisfied with what they thought they wanted. Their original goal didn’t mean what they thought (this was 6 years ago, since then we brought a new system in) Then things changed, we peeled the onion as it were, and discovered what they really wanted:

  • More energy to play with the kids
  • A reduction in stress
  • Better health
  • Better sleep
  • Better relationships with family and friends.

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