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Your Toxic Body Will Never Lose That Timber

Your Toxic Body Will Never Lose That Timber.

That’s right.

Most people who struggle with fat loss are missing one key component that when fixed:

Fat loss becomes pretty simple

And it doesn’t involve starving yourself


Training like a maniac most days,

Quite the opposite.

Eating high quality nutritious food.

You see

Most bodies that struggle to lose weight are in such a stressed toxic state

Their bodies are in Survival Mode. (In the sense of, your body doesn’t want to release the FAT you have because that too is toxic)

Holding on to the fat as to not release extra stress into the in, your body.

The thing is

The stress

The toxins

The hormones

Basically, everyday living is causing you such a challenge

Ridding you of vital nutrients your body needs to Survive

When you have nothing left

You become tired, lethargic, drained, depressed, increase fat storage, have poor sleep, are irritable and more.

What you need is some goddamn GOOD NUTRITION

You need an abundance of nutrients to help get your body out of this terrible cycle

Feed it the right nutrients for your body type

And your body starts to work FOR YOU rather than AGAINST YOU

Your hormones come into balance

You become well hydrated

You begin to sleep better

You begin to recharge and rejuvenate

You start to lose fat

You then begin to thrive

Feed your body the right stuff and you are rewarded

It’s specific to your body type

If you want to know what yours is and how to optimise

Your body to lose fat effectively

You’ll want to get in touch this week

Ready to thrive?



All the best

Sam ‘thriving’ Stocks

PS. Do you want the key to your best self?

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