Kate was like many women who want to become physically fitter and stronger to better themselves, strive for a challenge and do something that brings out their best.

Kate loved the fact her daughter was watching her through her workouts.

Plus, it was AMAZING when her daughter joined in.

It brought a smile to her face every-single-time. Knowing she was setting a great example for her daughter.

BUT. Whilst Kate had been making progress. Somethings weren’t right. She had bought all the gear. Had used most of it. She found herself STUCK.

Her arms wouldn’t bend how they were supposed to from the videos she had seen on YouTube.

It was so frustrating not knowing if she was doing things properly. No one was there to check her technique and give feedback on what could change.

Moving her shoulder blades in the correct way to look remotely like the “experts” seemed so far away. How to start the movement seemed so hard, especially with a “funny” right shoulder that always seemed to niggle in certain positions.

The last thing Kate wanted was to get injuried, a history of bursitis in her left elbow meant some exercises just weren’t possible and probably explains the reason why her arms wouldn’t move in the ideal position in PRESS UPS. But she thought, there has to be a way. Later she would find there is…

Knowing what to FOCUS on as there were so many OPTIONS, she felt LOST her main goals this year for the skills she wanted to master needed attention, but this meant limited time to FIT-IT-ALL-IN.

At times it felt all consuming and workouts didn’t happen.

Kate had built up some impressive strength with many body weight exercises despite the challenges she faced. She felt something was missing and finally sought extra help.

She plateaued. She had made some progress, but it flattened out. Her lack of progress got her down.

Limitations were still there, frustrations mostly hadn’t been resolved and it was time to do something about it because Kate thought “Lets face it, extra time and waiting to get it right hasn’t worked. I need the RIGHT help”

She contacted me via my website to arrange a 1-2-1 session. In this session the idea is to simply ASSESS where someone is at.

So, Kate was taken through several body weight exercises so I could see how she moves. Kate was impressive from the start. I could tell she had been dedicated to her goals.

One thing she said, “I would like to know how to plan my weekly/monthly workout routine so that I can make enough progress in my main goals, without losing my ability in other areas.” I said this is a common challenge many face. The good thing is, every week you’ll be able to tackle ALL AREAS in as little as 15 minutes a day. So you never feel you are MISSING out.

15 years of experience transforming women I could see the GAPS in Kates movement to make them far more efficient and effective. Little things like the movement of her right shoulder and left hip. Limitations that would impact both upper and lower body exercises. I knew what she needed.

After watching her for a couple of sets on foundational exercises, I added some simple suggestions to modify her technique. And WOW, what a difference. More awareness, led to better engagement and better performance through the full range of movements performed.

She felt free.

Fast forward a couple of months now, with daily coaching and feedback to make progress simple. She’s truly flying. Making progress daily. Adding little tweaks to exercise to continue adapting…

Her strength, mobility, and overall performance has massively improved. And. We’ve only scratched the surface. A lot of people can go for years, making the same old mistakes, progressing slowly and never really seeking adequate help.

Let’s stop that for you, let’s get you performing in the best way possible with insight from an expert trainer to get you truly performing at your best.

ACHIEVING your goals doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Like Kate. You can MASTER your body.

I would like to invite you to a 15-30 min Zoom* Call where we can discuss your goals, desires and wants. Then look at a plan of ACTION to get you there. Which is all part of The Calisthenics Strong Experience to Unleash Your Best.

*Zoom is the best way to get the help you need as we interact, however, if you prefer a traditional call. Just request this when you click "BOOK YOUR CALL NOW"

*Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time. Get your FREE call scheduled today, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

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