One of our amazing clients Linda, she has dealt with pain 25+ years, pretty much all of her adult life she has dealt with shoulder pain and pain. Linda just accepted this was part of her life. She actually was one of our coaching clients in one of our exercise programs. She was definitely determined to improve her strength when it came to exercise, especially bodyweight activities. This is where I discovered the true extent of her shoulder and problems so I invited her for a functional neurology assessment. From this I found that her upper traps, the muscles around the side of the net were overworking for weak muscles in her. This was a result of a car accidents when she was a teenager.
The whiplash, that was caused by the accident, had caused her muscles to essentially switch off, and the other traps had taken over, these were a constant point of tension. The way Linda had temporary relief was through regular massages and at the time some of the tension dissipated. But maybe you have experienced something similar, that tension came back, often the next day.

No one had ever assessed the ability of the net to function correctly. With weak muscles at the front of the net no wonder the back of the was constantly saw, it was overworking to hold her head up. This is why she felt pain, this is why was chronic, this is why she had been dealing with it 25 years. Through the functional neurology assessment we found the specific area and cause of the problem once this was corrected when the muscles at the front instantly became functional and responded by being strong. This also relieved and released the tension in her traps.
Linda has now been training with us more than eight months no longer suffers with any shoulder on issues. So going from daily problems, none at all is pretty profound and that is the power functional neurology. Take many possibilities for the dysfunction, narrow that down the testing and understanding the patient’s history, and you come to a conclusion, the ultimate cause of the dysfunction and the pain person is experiencing. So that out, clear dysfunction and the person feels and presents functional and the best version of themselves.

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