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At Calisthenics Strong, I have developed a program, that utilises the best parts of bodyweight movement, calisthenics, gymnastics, animal and mobility movements to bring together a way of working out that is life-changing, health producing, and long-lasting so you can do this for your lifetime. To reach more people and to help people in the comfort of their own homes I have put the best of our in-person programs online.

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You also get feedback on your movements in exercise sessions, this is delivered to you via video so you can see specifically what you need help with and what you need to do to change. This is a game-changer in the sense of, this feedback, allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally experience in a traditional gym setting. Our current clients have made significant progress using this format of feedback.


If you would like to achieve more from your exercise with us, Calisthenics Strong Online is a great choice, allowing you to achieve more, save time and experience a transformation like no other.

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