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At Calisthenics Strong, we have developed a program, that utilises the best parts of bodyweight movement, calisthenics, gymnastics, animal movements and mobility movements to bring together a way of working out that is life-changing, health producing, and long-lasting so you do this for your lifetime. To reach more people and to help people in the comfort of their own homes we have put the best of our in-person programs online. We use this to teach you how to exercise in a variety of ways, directing you every step of the way, from our home to yours.

We lead you through a coaching experience that involves either one-to-one coaching or small group coaching that involves a certain number of weekly sessions, delivered through a virtual experience, via zoom.

On top of this, the coaching experience also involves daily coaching, daily support, a support group, involving people on a similar journey to you.  Unique programmed exercise routines to help you towards achieving your goals. Nutrition support and guidance to optimise you and your performance as well as help you transform your physique anyway you desire.

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You also get feedback on your movements in exercise sessions, this is delivered to you via video so you can see specifically what you need help with and what you need to do to change. This is a game-changer in the sense of, this feedback, allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally experience in a traditional gym setting. Our current clients have made significant progress using this format of feedback. Now most people who go to the gym looking to either improve their fitness or change their body shape.

Very rarely are they looking to improve skills. Within calisthenics and what we do at Calisthenics Strong we are looking to achieve certain skills, strengths and improvements in mobility which all lead to you looking and feeling better. The side effects of all the actions we take deliver to you results beyond your expectations. This is very powerful. To get involved, to see how different this experience is, I encourage you to reach out and join in a trial experience with us to see this for yourself.
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